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Is there tax on personal injury settlements?14 Jul

With tax time upon us, the first question many clients ask is "is there tax payable on my personal injury settlement"?

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Claims for Injuries Caused by Self Driving Vehicles 30 Jun

As automated driving systems become increasingly sophisticated and take over greater more responsibilities for driving tasks, it is more likely that car accidents will more commonly occur because of the fault of defective automated driving systems, rather than human error.

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Driverless Cars - An Infographic 22 Jun

Driverless cars are becoming more and more common on the roads. How long until they become fully automated?

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Driverless Cars. Who is Responsible? 02 Jun

Currently, CTP insurance covers drivers “at fault” for personal injury or death caused by negligent or dangerous driving. So the question arises, who’s doing the driving if a person is injured by a driverless car?

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Motor Vehicle Property Damage Claims 19 May

All car owners in Queensland must have CTP insurance. But CTP only covers claims for personal injury, not for damage to a motor vehicle.

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