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Liability for Drones02 Dec

Drone operation is still in its infancy however. So new questions continue to arise, including exactly who is responsible when a drone strikes and injures someone.

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The Degree and Severity of Spinal Cord Injuries 18 Nov

There are generally two factors that determine the severity of symptoms that will result from a spinal cord injury.

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Dreamworld On-site Investigation Winds Up 09 Nov

Queensland police have completed their on-site investigation into the tragedy that unfolded at Dreamworld on 25 October 2016. It remains uncertain when the park will re-open to the public.

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The 3 Main Causes of Brain Injury 04 Nov

The most common brain injuries are either traumatic brain injuries, hypoxic brain damage or the result of some kind of medical condition.

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What is a Medical Assessment Tribunal (MAT)? 20 Oct

Referrals to the Medical Assessment Tribunal are made when there are conflicting medical opinions about the nature of the injury or whether the injury was caused by the work

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