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Motor Vehicle Property Damage Claims19 May

All car owners in Queensland must have CTP insurance. But CTP only covers claims for personal injury, not for damage to a motor vehicle.

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GoPro's on Helmets - Are They Legal in Queensland? 05 May

GoPros on helmets worn by cyclists and motorcyclists are becoming increasingly popular but the rules surrounding helmet cameras are inconsistent across Australia.

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Fear of Re-Injury 21 Apr

Research shows that in cases of serious injury, returning to work and pre-injury activities of daily living can be hampered by fear of re-injury.

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The law in Queensland strictly prohibits any form of ambulance chasing. In fact, the law in relation to advertising and securing work in personal injury law is extremely restrictive

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Some Tips On Reporting A Car Accident To Police. 24 Mar

A traffic crash must be reported to police within 24 hours after the crash. So what details should you provide?

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