Public Liability Compensation Claims

If you suffered an injury in a public place and know you are entitled to make a public liability compensation claim, the following information should provide with you a better understanding of how we will handle your public liability claim at GC Law.

First, you need to gather evidence

As we all know, insurance companies won’t pay out easily so the more evidence you can provide to us, the better it will be for us to support your claim. Evidence may cover the following;

  • Photographs and diagrams of the accident location and surrounds
  • Copies of all documentation between you and the individual, company or authority involved
  • All medical documentation available, always ask for copies of documents or x-rayed evidence of your injury
  • The contact details for all people, companies or authorities involved, including witnesses to the incident

How GC Law will help you make your claim

Unless you have dealt with a compensation claim on your own before, it can be a lengthy and draining process. After your initial free phone consultation with us, we can take the lead from there. Some of the benefits you can expect from working with GC Law to make your claim include;

  • We will handle all the negotiations with the other party.
  • We produce all the legal notices and documents.
  • We analyse all the evidence you have provided and start building your case.
  • We conduct the required research to support your case. 
  • Writing all the relevant correspondence including letters and emails.

Ready to commence your claim?

Get in touch with us for your free no obligation first appointment by calling 1300 302 318.

For public liability claims, we will send a claim form to the person who is considered at fault for the accident. From there, the at-fault party’s liability insurer has 6 months to investigate the claim before making a decision about liability.

We will advise you of your next steps and whether you need to obtain any more evidence such as written reports from your treating medical professionals.


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