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GC Law: One of Your First Ports of Call

01 Mar 2012

If you’ve been injured at work follow these important steps to maximise your entitlement to compensation.

1. Report the injury to your employer in writing, as soon as possible 
People often delay reporting an injury which may later raise doubt in WorkCover’s mind about whether the injury occurred at work.

2. See a doctor as soon as possible
Tell your doctor the injury occurred at work and how it happened.  WorkCover often use a delay in obtaining medical treatment or inconsistency in reporting the injury to a doctor as a reason for rejecting a claim.

3. Lodge an Application for Worker’s Compensation
You have 6 months from the date of the injury to lodge an Application, but the sooner you lodge it, the less difficulty you will have with WorkCover accepting the claim.  Visit to obtain an Application form or contact us for help.

4. Get some good legal advice
At GC Law, we are expert Law Society Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury law.  We offer free no obligation initial consultations and can explain to you your entitlements to weekly benefits, payment of medical expenses and rehabilitation expenses and rights to Common Law damages.

If you need help because of a work place injury, call us now on 1300 302 318.